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Frankie Issue 86

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Inside this issue you’ll meet folks who’ve taken a leap to start their lives from scratch; a group of intellectually disabled Kiwis taking financial independence into their own hands; and the outspoken ladies of Australia’s feminist history. There’s colourful weaving, the history of fruit (giant sloths, testicles and poisoned watermelons included), plus some ideas for what to do if you have a run-in with your ex. Know someone going through a rough time? Well, we’ve popped together some care packages for break-ups, international travellers, sickies and new bubs – allow us to help you out. Alongside all those tasty bits, you’ll find some rather spooky tales from frankie friends; a few tips on how not to get a shit job; critters on camera; springtime threads; and books from the ’80s that you’ll actually want to read. Phewph! Hope you enjoy, chums.

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