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Bon Lux Bay Rum & Tobacco Candle

Bon Lux Bay Rum & Tobacco Candle


A bay rum and tobacco scented, votive candle. Comes boxed.

An old-fashioned scent, reminiscent of a gentleman's coat pocket; mixing fresh fragrant rolling tobacco leaves with spices and rum, finished with a whisper of smokiness.

This perfume captures scent of an old-fashioned barber's chair; of tonic, cologne and a little smoke. Inspired by Sterling Apothecary, Chippendale; who distill old-school bay rum fragrance, whilst administering cut-throat razor shaves and barber cuts. Mysterious and dark... a night-time fragrance, perfect for low-light lounging.

Vegan, cruelty free. 100% sustainable soy wax. 100% cotton, lead free wick.

85mm x 70mm. Approximately a 36 hour burn.

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