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Frankie Issue 91

Frankie Issue 91


As usual, this issue is chock-a-block full of excellence from around the world. Meander through some musings about friendship and friend breakups. You'll be seeing double in some photography featuring a pair of Parisian twins. Enjoy some hints and tips on how to spruce up your rental without losing your bond money, and take a foray into origami using napkins and chopstick wrappers! Once you've figured out where the bonnet release button is on your car, dive into an illustrated guide to checking your oil and water. Peruse a wholesome dedication to the exquisite career of Stanley Tucci and all the joy he has brought to us mere mortals. Meet some gals keeping their eye on the prize creating artificial eyeballs, see some childhood tale inspired outfits, learn punch needle embroidery and so much more!!

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