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Frock Me Out Black Velvet High Waisted Pants


Looky looky, these pants are a bit flash! Made from a lush velvet, they're high waisted and just very nice all round if you ask me.

They look cropped in the pic, but they aren't cropped on Claire and she's pretty much  average height, so we'd call them full length.


Waist is taken across the top of the waistband across the front, while garment is lying flat. For best fit, compare this measurement to a pair of pants that fits you well. Inseam is taken down the inside of the leg from the seam where the legs meet, to the base of the hem.

8: 35cm waist, 74.5cm inseam
10: 37.5-38cm waist, 74cm inseam
12: 40.5cm waist, 73.5cm inseam
14: 42.5-43cm waist, 75cm inseam
16: 45cm waist, 73.5cm inseam

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