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Style Guide: How to wear your new Emily & Fin this winter!

Emily & Fin style guide

It might be all grey skies and puddles here in Perth right now, but we're head over heels for the new Emily & Fin range Salvation Mountain.

Yep, the colour palette is full of brights and pastels, but amongst us Ruck Rover ladies, we're managing to get heaps of wear out of the new styles with a bit of clever layering. On heavy rotation are the yellow plaid and salvation floral stripe colourways. They're so easy to wear!

Emily & Fin Layla Yellow Plaid Dress
Miranda Murphy Floral Sketch Box Tee Blouse

The Layla dress is a serious favourite. Yep, the sweetheart neckline, thin straps and button up style is going to get a workout in summer, but we love how it looks with a tee underneath, a knotted tee over the top, or with a simple cardi. Gingham is a neutral, so you can go print crazy underneath or over the top - just stick with complementary colour tones!

Reds and blues look super fine with the mustard, and so does tan (think belt, shoes or bag).

Emily & Fin Layla Yellow Plaid Dress
Emily & Fin Lily Palm Tree Pointelle Red Cardigan
Hello Sunday Leather Accessory Bag

Emily & Fin Layla Yellow Plaid Dress
Emily & Fin Lily Palm Tree Pointelle Blue Cardigan

As well as the Layla dress, the yellow plaid also comes in a skirt - the Isla.

Miranda Murphy Floral Sketch Box Tee Blouse
Emily & Fin Isla Yellow Plaid Skirt

Nice, right? Here we've put it with the new Miranda Murphy Sketch Floral Box Top - it looks so good! In fact, the new winter range from Miranda Murphy looks great with the new Emily & Fin fabrics. Check out the Squiggle Cardi in red rust teamed with the Layla in salvation floral stripe...

Emily & Fin Layla Salvation Floral Stripe Dress
Miranda Murphy Red Rust Squiggle Cardigan

It's a perfect match! This sketchy stripe print is really easy to match with burgundy, pink, teal and mustard featuring in the abstract floral print on it.

Emily & Fin Rosie Palm Tree Pointelle Yellow Jumper
Emily & Fin Sandy Salvation Floral Stripe Button Skirt
Martha Jean Pink/Red Arc Earrings

Choose from the Layla button up dress, the Jasmine midi dress or the Sandy button skirt. Pop on a yellow knit and some sparkly red earrings and you've got one amazing outfit!

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