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FRINGE WORLD 2018: Our Top Picks

Fringe World Northbridge what's on

We love Fringe - Northbridge comes alive when everyone flocks to the city for a taste of the extraordinary. It all kicks off this Friday 26 January and runs until 25 February.

Most of the tickets are cheap, the shows short, so it's the perfect opportunity to take a chance on something new. You can often get rush tix on the day of the show as well if you stop by the Fringe hub in Perth Cultural Centre. And if it's recommendations you're after, you've come to the right place. See below for Ruck Rover's Top Picks for Fringe World 2018.

Seeking Basic Needs and Other Tales of Excess

Start off just around the corner from Ruck Rover, at PICA, and wander through Northbridge on an audio tour created by Renee Newman and Ben Collins.

Seeking Basic Needs and Other Tales of Excess runs at PICA from 27 January to 17 February. Image by Aaron Webber.

Wil Greenway: The Way the City Ate the Stars

Wil Greenway is an expert storyteller whose shows are intimate and spellbinding. The Way the City Ate the Stars sold out at Edinburgh Fringe three years in a row, and we can't wait to see it for ourselves.

Stranger Danger Dinners: Mystery Meet

If you've never been to a Stranger Danger dinner, now's your chance. The premise is simple: share a meal with a bunch of strangers. It's safe - we promise - and really fun to step outside your comfort zone and get to know some new people.

World's Tiniest Zine Fair

Call in on our William Street neighbours Paper Mountain on 18 February and buy yourself some reading material for your week's commute in the form of a zine or three.

My Greatest Period Ever

Local songstress Lucy Peach brings back her hit show - a true-life reflection of how Lucy found inspiration in her own menstrual cycle to find a new way of life, unlock and amplify her creativity and produce her award-winning album.

Exposing Edith

Michaela Burger (vocals) and Greg Wain (guitar) charts the tragic life French icon, Edith Piaf. Experience her life, loves and losses through the songs that shot her to stardom.

Yourseven by James Berlyn

James Berlyn consistently produces innovative, intimate theatre. In this show, participants will encounter 7 photo booths that consider life's journey through the seven stages of man, inspired by Jaques speech in As You Like It. It's Shakespeare as you've never experienced!

Yourseven shows at PICA from 1-17 February. Image by Aaron Webber.

Menagerie Choir Presents Keeping Secrets

Menagerie is Perth's own indie choir, and for Keeping Secrets they'll present foot-tapping arrangements of indie-pop songs paired with the funny, the painful, and the embarrassing secrets we all hold inside.

To browse the full Fringe World program head here. We look forward to seeing you in Northbridge over the next 4 weeks!


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