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International Women's Day 2018: Our Playlist

International Women's Day playlist

We have a treat for you this International Women's Day! We - Claire, Isabelle and Miko - have put together a playlist of some of our favourite tracks by women. Hijack the office sound system and blast these tracks today!

1. LADIES FIRST - Queen Latifah feat. Monie Love

Who better to open this playlist than Queen Latifah with one of her anthems? All hail the queen!

2. E.S.P. - Shonen Knife

Led by Naoko Yamano, Shonen Knife have been making music since 1981. We go back to 1997 for this gem.

 3. BOMB - Lucy Peach

When she's not educating women (and men) on the power of the period, Lucy Peach is singing catchy tunes like this.

4. SUGAR - Marlene Cummins

Blues singer Marlene Cummins is a treasure. You'll be listening to this on repeat.

5. I WANNA BE YOUR JOY RAMONE - Sleater Kinney

A regular on the shop playlists!

6. WOMAN'S WORLD - Okenyo

This woman is a powerhouse. We love her energetic, inspiring tracks.

7. ELECTRIC LADY - Janelle Monáe feat. Solange

I think it might be impossible to sit still while listening to this. What do you reckon?

8. TO LI - Jojo Abot

Jojo Abot was in town last week putting on the show of a lifetime for Perth Festival. Can we go back in time and have that night all over again please?

9. BARRACUDA - Heart

We always feel super empowered listened to the hard rockin’ Wilson sisters from Heart rip through this classic.

10. GIRLS - Simone & Girlfunkle

Simone & Girlfunkle's new single celebrates inspiring women. Perfect.


For more lady tracks, check out our Spotify playlists Chicks Diggit and Claire Tee's Girl Gang.

Thumbnail image credit: Film still from Janelle Monáe Electric Lady official video, directed by Alan Ferguson.

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