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Show Us Your Style: Musician Jessie Gordon

Fringe World Jessie Gordon style guide

Jazz and blues musician Jessie Gordon is a force of nature. The winner of 10 Fringe awards (including The Spirit of the Fringe) blew in this week ahead of her appearance in not one but eight different shows this Fringe World season - amazing! We had a little chat and Jessie modelled some of our fave vintage-glam-meets-modern-style pieces...

Jessie wears Emily & Fin Abigail Floral Jacquard Dress.

What do you love about your job?
I love working for myself and to my own (sometimes insane) schedule. I can be really motivated when I feel like I’m onto a good idea for a show or a band. And I’m always inspired by the amazing people I call friends, and who I’m lucky enough to work with. 

How do you describe your personal style?
Lazy vintage lounge chic meets nudist meets sun-aware-redhead. This means I am often found in high waisted pants and low backed tops running between patches of shade.

Jessie wears Emily & Fin Enid Blazing Blooms Dress and Unity Sunglasses.

Does your style differ depending on whether you’re performing or just hanging out?
Being in Berlin for half a year changed my fashion sense for sure. I’m much more comfortable in flats and jeans and I’m really into fabrics that feel good when I’m not performing. Cotton, rayon and viscose are my jam!
When I’m performing I’m in whatever feels appropriate, sometimes that’s a vintage gown, sometimes it’s jeans when I’m doing my original music.

What’s your favourite place to catch (or perform) a show in Northbridge?
Easily the Ellington. But Fringe means there are a million shows to see in so many great pop up venues all over the place! Jessie

Jessie wears Atomic Swag Waikiki Tee over Emily & Fin Emma Gold Mini Spot Dress and holds Rice Lupin Spatula.

Jessie's offerings this Fringe include diving into the dirty depths of the jazz genre (Dirty Jazz), teaming up with Ali Bodycoat to present the songs of Judy Garland and Peggy Lee (Peggy & Judy), playing set list roulette with the audience and long-time guitarist pal Mark Turner (Best Friends), getting frenchy with her band Sassafras (Sassafras: Under Paris Skies) and more.

Check out Jessie's website, follow her adventures through Instagram, and find out more about her 8 Fringe shows here

Jessie wears Emily & Fin Aggie Teal Velvet Dress & Sixton Sparkly Socks.

Jessie wears Emily & Fin Florence Cowboys Dress.

What a cutie! Jessie wears Emilly & Fin Aggie Teal Velvet Dress and reads Frankie Magazine.

Sixton Biarritz Blue Sparkly Socks.


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